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Keeping Fit At Home


With life being so very different in the current climate, exercising and maintaining routines is put under an increasing strain. With gyms closing, limited opportunities to be outdoors, kids under your feet and a lack of equipment it makes keeping fit increasingly challenging. As a home based personal trainer I have learned to get creative in terms of what you actually need to keep fit. Using simple objects around the home like a kitchen sideboard to do press-ups, steps to do calf raises and steps ups, therabands around door handles to do pulling movements, and simply getting in and out of a chair acting as a really good way of working your glutes and leg muscles. And of course a plethora of cardio activities such as: jogging on the spot, running with high knees, star jumps, step backs, lunges, squat jumps, side steps, walking up and down the stairs, running step ups…And that’s before we even go to floor based exercises to work on core strength and flexibility. There is plenty to do without conventional fitness equipment and you only need to do 20-30 mins 3-5 times per week to start getting a benefit.


Here is a simple program, please adapt it for your own fitness levels.

Warm up 5 mins (Marching on the spot, side steps, jog forward two steps – jog backward two steps, jumping jacks, step backs…)

Stretching 30 secs each (calves, hamstrings, quads, inner thigh, outer hips, chest, upper back…) 

Cardio (Jogging on the spot 30 secs – march on spot 30 secs repeat x 3 times, jumping jacks 3 x15-25, mountain climbers 3 x 15-25, running/walking step ups 3 x 60 secs with 30 secs rest)

Strength/Tone (Press ups 3 x 10-20, Sit & stand using chair 3 x 10-25, calf raises 3 x 15-25, dips using chair 3 x 10-20, Lunges 3 x 10-20, plank 3 x 15-45 secs)

Cool Down 5 mins (Marching on spot low intensity, light jogging, side steps)

Stretching 30 secs each (calves, hamstrings, quads, inner thigh, outer hips, chest, upper back…)

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