Case Studies

Included on this page are real people I have worked with and how we have worked together effectively to achieve their goals.

University Submission Case Study - Client 1

This person was one of my first clients following opening my new injury rehabilitation clinic in January 2020. Following more than 30 years of martial arts training and competition this person had several issues including chronic shoulder pain with diminished stability and range of movement. Following a thorough assessment I was able to diagnose shoulder impingement syndrome which was exaccerbated by poor posture including internally rotated shoulders, tight chest and weak back muscles. Over the course of several weeks I put in place a rehabilitation and therapy program to improve his condition. This included treatments such deep tissue massage, soft tissue release, dry cupping, muscle energy techniques and kinesiology taping. Rehabilitation focussed on stretching muscles that internally rotate the shoulder such as: pectorals, latissimus dorsi, subscapularis and teres major. We also worked together on strengthening their lateral rotators such infraspinatus and teres minor (key muscles of the rotator cuff). Over a period of 4 weeks my client saw significant improvements in their posture, shoulder stability and is currently pain free. After 3 years of relative inactivity they have now resumed training including strength and conditioning, judo and Thai boxing. Despite their timely recovery and return to sport, they accept that to continue ongoing rehabilitation is an important factor to keeping their injury at bay. Therefore I have provided my client with home based exercises to do twice per week which ensure rotator cuff stability, maintenance of good posture and continued flexibility in previously tight regions of the body.

Mike Stuart

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Charlie Harrison

I started working with Charlie in 2017, when I was recruited with the brief of helping him pass a fitness test for the prison service. Having already taken the test twice without success, he had just one attempt remaining. Several years prior to our meeting Charlie had been involved in a near fatal bike crash which had left him with serious injuries and a lack of self confidence. I remember on our first session we had to stop jogging after 2-3 minutes as Charlie struggled with exercise even at a relatively low level. At this point I did feel it would be an uphill struggle to pass the bleep test at the the required standard. However over 10-weeks of training we built a great relationship and despite at times having to overcome many challenges along the way he achieved his goal of passing the fitness test on the final attempt with plenty left in the tank. I have never felt more proud of a client in my life, knowing what he had overcome in his life, with the added pressure of really needing this positive outcome for the opportunity to fulfil a career ambition. Charlie is now employed within his chosen job and enjoying life albeit away from Devon, but it was a privelege to work with him.

Mike Stuart


Carl Drake

I met Carl in the twilight of his boxing career and began training him for one of his last professional fights. Having not fought was some time Carl and I worked together to develop his general fitness which then progressed onto power training and boxing specific sessions. He was then given the opportunity to fight for a British Super-middle weight title in Birmingham against an undefeated champion who was a strong favourite. Carl trained like a warrior for about 4-6 weeks in preparation for this fight and when the night finally arrived he completely upset the home crowd by winning in the 4th round by stoppage. I loved every minute of working with Carl. Following on from this I had the opportunity to work with him for a televised fight on sky sports at the MEN on the undercard of a world champion heavyweight title fight. Having now retired Carl coaches boxing and still keeps in touch as a friend.

Mike Stuart

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